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Friday, December 11, 2009

12:26PM - Hey, Here's Some Actual News

I just got an email a few minutes ago, that EA's test marketing a T-shirt with one of my Mad Hatter concept sketches on it.
There will be a limited number available at select Kohl's stores.
I don't have any information on which stores, or if they're available on-line....but it probably can't hurt to ask...

12:14PM - Ok...I Guess I'm Still Here

It looks like my account just defaulted to a free account, but it's still here.
Which I'm sure comes as a huge relief to the all the people who commented "No! No! Don't go...we will be inconsolable without your semi-annual posts"

....Well....ok. I didn't exactly get any comments like that, but if I had, I'm sure those people would be greatly relieved.

I know all my imaginary friends are pretty jazzed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

4:38PM - No More LJ For Me?

Not that I have anything against my neglected little bloggish thing, but I think I'll let it expire in a day or so.
If anyone still wants to keep in touch, there's always Facebook:

I'll also put the images from this blog in a photo thing on Facebook...and hopefully update my website soon too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

12:05AM - Is Anyone Still Reading This?

With all the Facebook stuff going on, I've kind of let this Livejournal thing lapse...
I was just down at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books signing some copies of Russ Woody's Nuldoid book (and doing some sketches)
Russ was sharing a booth with Dan Frischman (the guy who played Arvid on Head of the Class). He was cool and has also written a new book titled "Jackson and Jenks Master Magicians"
I got to see Ray Bradbury give a talk, which was...a high point, to say the least.
Then we went to Disneyland...which has nothing to do with anything, other than it was fun.

In a couple weeks I'll be sharing a table with Alex Sheikman at Supercon in San Jose.
Alex says the issue of Robotica with my back-up story will finally come out later this Summer (Aug. I think he said)

At EA, we're finishing up our third MySims game (or fourth, if you count our helping out on the PC version....or fifth, if you count the few minutes of work I did on a couple pieces for MySims Party)

...and American's company is working away on the next Alice game. I haven't gotten to do anything on it yet...but you never know...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1:32PM - Name Dropping....Again

Ok...I just think this is cool. My friend Frank Robinson, is more than just the co-writer of the Glass Inferno (the book the Towering Inferno was made from)
He's written a ton of other things...(including a stint as the Playboy advisor)

But, he was also Harvey Milk's speech writer...and he was in the film "Milk" (in 17 scenes, to be exact)

Read his account of the experience here:


I saw Harvey Milk once...in Jr. High we had a field trip to a public television station and he was there being interviewed.
That's it...not much of a story, I guess...

1:01PM - New Alice

Yup...there's going to be a new Alice game. American's company "Spicyhorse" is doing it (in China) through EA Partners.
That's about all I can say.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


My friend Russ Woody just wrote a cool book...and I did a few little drawings for it.
Russ is a very funny guy , a darned good writer and a great guy to boot.
Below is a little bio on Russ, a couple of the drawings, and a link to the book's website.

"Russ Woody is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning writer. This is his first book, after spending years in the trenches of Hollywood. He has written and produced such notable shows as Murphy Brown, Mad About You, Cybill, Becker and The Drew Carey Show, among others. He has also written for Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere."


Friday, November 14, 2008

7:46PM - more stuff

Some more random MySims stuff...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are some things I did for the second MySims game...

Monday, May 12, 2008

9:50PM - Stegron and the Dragon

Here are a couple things I did for co-workers.

The Savage Dragon was for fellow EA concept artist, Tony Trujillo.
This was just an email doodle done for the heck of it.

The Stegron sketches were for Kieth Parker...who will only be a co-worker until Wednesday, then he goes off to Namco and Afro Samurai.
At first I did Stegron from an old Spiderman comic I had way back when...then I thought he looked like a chicken man, so I did a more dinosaur-like version...
Probably too dinosaur-like....I figure something in between would be better, but it's done now.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

10:38PM - Skoar! Magazine

I figured my little interview in Skoar! Magazine was never going to come out....but...I got an email a while back saying it had come out (Vol.5, issue 4 Oct-Nov 2007) and that they'd send me a couple copies.


10:34PM - Alice keeps on going

It's funny...the Alice game came out something like seven or eight years ago, but stuff keeps cropping up.
My friend at work, Emmy Toyonaga, showed me this magazine the other day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here's some rough stuff. Random scribbles, some bits and pieces for various projects and a going away drawing for Sally (Sallymander) Huang, my co-worker on MySims.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1:33AM - Shark Blimp

The other day I was watching the Sharks game against the Red Wings (I won't mention the final score) and I saw an indoor blimp I'd designed.
I didn't realize they had them up and flying, so it was a nice surprise.

There are four of them, but I just saw this one:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

12:17AM - In Progress

Here are five pages I did for a writer friend, Chris Painter.


It's for a project he's shopping around as a comic book series.
Everything here is copyright Chris Painter...and me.

The images are small here, but they'll get bigger if you click on them.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11:03PM - a couple other things...

and some other stuff...

(much of which is owned and copyrighted by big, scary, evil corporations.)

10:59PM - some other stuff

...and here's some odds and ends from the last game I worked on...

10:22PM - Sketch Blog

I never really thought of this as a sketch blog...like those guys who do a good job of posting tons of cool new stuff on a regular basis.
But...when I post too many pictures of dino-toys ,random snapshots from my childhood, or another story about going up to the Schulz Museum...I get the feeling I'm going off the rails a bit...and that I should put up some sketches or something.


Here are some random scribbles...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

11:12PM - Something You Don't See Every Day...

I was going through some old pictures at my mother's house a while back and I found this.
It's my mother, my sister and me looking at the trade towers being built.

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